We are Chesapeake Flyboarding and we are bringing this new experience to the Chesapeake Beach area.

It is our mission to promote this thrilling and exciting extreme sport to our home state of Maryland! We believe this sport is revolutionary and will create a whole new world of innovation and is an extreme way to surf. The “Hoverboard” from the movie “Back to the Future” part II, is now a reality. Movies such as “Thunderball,” “The Rocketeer,” and “Ironman,” all featured jetpacks that the “average Joe” could never hope to obtain. Jetpacks are a thing of the past, its time to try the amazing new real water sport. Now everyone can experience what was once only a dream. The Flyboard™ has taken sports to a whole new level… the exhilaration of human flight. We couldn’t be more excited.

Chesapeake Flyboarding™ is bringing this experience to the Chesapeake Beach area with outlets throughout the state of Maryland to come. Our goal is to bring this experience directly to the consumer to it is no longer a spectator sport, it is actual reality and available directly to you.

We at Chesapeake Flyboarding™ are dedicated to giving our customers the most prompt, courteous and friendly service. We can train you on how to use the Flyboard™ safely. We are here to serve you through sales and rentals. I’d like to invite you to join us as we explore this adrenaline inducing new sport together.

What’s Flying?

clickhereWe are located at Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa.


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